Traveling Thailand – Costs & Prices

The backpacking trail through Thailand is well worn.

– Lodging is extremely cheap. Budgeting $10-20 USD per night for lodging is fairly safe regardless of where you go in Thailand.

– Food is very cheap too and if you are spending a ton of cash on food, you are doing something incorrect. In Southeast Asia, street food is one of the most famous form of eating. In Thailand, you even see marketplaces especially for street food.
Western meals, including burger, bad pizza, sandwich, cost around $5 USD to get cheaply made food. This is going to be the priciest part of the food budget. In the mood for an extremely nice bowl of pasta? $8 USD. Want a deliciously made steak? At least $20 USD. The bottom line is, despite the fact that the food is more affordable than back home, it is pricey for the standards and eating lots of western food will decrease your capability to spend little in this area.

– Transport : The simplest and most affordable means to get around Asia is by bus.
Buses prices fluctuate between $5-8 USD to get a 5-6 hours trip. For flights, Air Asia and Tiger Airways may get you around the area cost-effective and fast. Most day tours only cost around $20 USD, frequently times less. You may get by on as small as $15 USD each day if you need, although $25 USD is more practical.

The several explanations why many people wind up overspending is they eat a lot of western drink and food way too much. If you wish to conserve money while traveling in this part of the world, you will need to cut down the drinking and attempt to eat as much local food as you can.